Adequate words cannot express our appreciation

 Adequate words cannot express our appreciation for the opportunity to receive the services of Magnolia’s On The Move for the Retirement Reception we hosted at the Bruce R. Watkins Cultural Museum on Thursday, June 28, 2018.
Every aspect of working with you as the Executive Chef from reviewing menu choices, recommending rental vendors, scheduling the flow of the event, coordinating contributions and liquor service and personal service of staff under your guidance was positive, reassuring and timely.  Many of the guests positively commented about the exquisite taste and presentation of the food.   We appreciated the adequacy of being able to serve all those who were present, in addition to all the welcome “left-overs” to share and enjoy to this day. 

Thank you for working with the facility’s equipment, staff, space and unplanned operational challenges.
Your leadership as the Executive Chef and the staff under your leadership are to be commended for superbly managing and executing a first class event we were proud to invite our guests to enjoy.
Thank you sincerely for your services. 

— Linda and Reginald Hall

“...that woman can cook”

I keep going back to Chef Shanita because she always comes through.  We use her for all major events, including our wedding.   The guests at our wedding literally went on and on about how good the food was.  If I had to say one thing about Chef Shanita it would be that woman can cook!  And she works well within any budget.  I highly recommend her.

— McClain Bryant- Macklin

"Shanita and her Magnolia’s on the Move family are a staple.."

Truly, some of the most delicious – and most fun – dinners we have hosted at our Brookside home (and we’ve hosted many a meal there for family, friends, employees and clients) have involved the talents and engaging personality of Shanita McAfee Bryant! 
Shanita has made our anniversaries memorable and pleased and impressed our eclectic and diverse guests. Our favorite part of a Shanita-directed meal is when we finally get her to sit down with us and share her recipes and secrets over a glass of wine. She’s become a good and valued friend inside and outside of the kitchen. And down to business.Our family’s business is staging and managing major gatherings, commemorations and celebrations around KC, and Shanita and her Magnolia’s on the Move family are a staple part of our commitment to bringing quality, creative, great-tasting food to those events.

- Pat & Julie O’Neill