To Plan or Not To Plan


It's week two of the New Year and if you are like most people you are still gung-ho and overly excited to kick 2019 in the backside (I am really working on my language this year). We have committed to losing those extra pounds, drinking more water, reading more, being nicer to people but most importantly we are going to GET ORGANIZED! 

If you're like me, thanks to the Facebook genie that reads your mind, you may have spent most of December on facebook and Instagram looking at all of the ads for planners and journals. I seriously believe that one day I spent at least 2 hours browsing planners looking at the inside pages reading reviews. I even watched youtube videos to see how other people are putting said planner into action. 

Last year I honestly bought 3 planners in the month of January because I could NOT make a decision. At one point in the year, I was toggling between all three of them, needless to say, I never finished using any of them and resorted to posted notes and index cards.  I am not by any means advocating posted notes or index cards because they are so easily misplaced that it eliminates efficiency.

So what did I learn from all of this ....... It's not so much about the planner than it is the self-discipline and commitment to the system. 

The system or philosophy that if you write things down the odds that you will complete them go up. 

It doesn't really matter how pretty the planner is, or what kind of bells and whistles it offers, or whether or not the quotes inspire you or the margins are big enough. What is really important is you! Are you going to hold yourself ACCOUNTABLE and commit to a system? If not then honestly it really doesn't matter what planner you buy. 

So here is the challenge for myself, you and the entire world; spend the rest of this week deciding what planner system works best for you and ,when that planner comes, COMMIT to it for at least 6 months. We can get back together then and see how things are really working !!